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Be warm, open, and happy on your dates. Here are some pointers:.

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Your ability to have healthy, fulfilling, and happy relationships in your personal life depends largely upon your communication skills. Poor communication skills push people away and diminish opportunities for real connection. If you are unsure about how you show up, ask a friend or family member that you trust to give you constructive feedback. Listen openly and honestly to what they have to say.

Here are some guidelines:. Be proactive in determining and setting your boundaries: Having strong boundaries reinforces self-esteem and emotional health. Remember, you teach people how to treat you. Here are some ideas:. After each date, take time to reflect on how you showed up, where you shined, how you made the other person feel, as well as areas where you can improve.

Not everyone you date will be a romantic connection. Look for any lessons you may have learned along the way:. Regardless of how hard dating can feel, there is no benefit in wallowing in your own self-pity.

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Negativity is a huge turn off. Also, be mindful of what you are broadcasting to the Universe. You want to put good vibes out there. Be honest, without laying all your cards on the table. When you reveal too much too soon, it can give a false sense of intimacy. In reality, premature or exaggerated revelations are due more to boundary issues, unresolved pain, or self-centeredness than true intimacy. A date is not the time to purge and vent, especially about an ex. Sharing war stories about your ex could imply that haven't let go or moved on.

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  • No matter how you feel in the moment, the first date is not the time to vent. Getting to know someone should be a slow and safe process. Some people are overeager to go too far, too fast—both physically and in conversation. There is plenty of time in the future to go deep, should the relationship evolve.

    In the beginning, make sure to:. With dating comes rejection. Getting stressed or hurt if someone chooses not to go out with you again is not productive. On the flip side, if you decide to break it off with someone, there is no need to feel guilty. Although you may feel you are letting someone down, it will be better for them and you in the long run if you are upfront and honest with your feelings.

    The journey will flow when you learn not to take things personally. Look for the spiritual web of connection between people and events—the patterns that reveal something deeper within you—they are always available if you choose to look for them. This is the way the Universe gently guides you toward your joy and purpose.

    Practice embracing the dating journey and all the lessons it reveals to you … and always remember to love yourself in the process. Are you ready to share your life journey? Try a two-day free trial with our partner, MeetMindful , to meet other like-minded souls. Start your trial now. Check Your Energy Your attitude directly affects your experience.


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    Here are some pointers: Find the good in everyone you meet, and use sincere compliments when in the company of someone new. Use your date's first name. It makes people feel seen and special. A warm smile can be more inviting than the perfect body or good looks. Be confident and upbeat.

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    Don't let arthritis keep you from dating, love, sex and intimacy.

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